Casa Endless Summer Board

This board was commissioned by a woman who recently moved to San Clemente, California. After naming her home “Casa Endless Summer” she was on the search for a piece of art for her living room that would capture that easy-going beach lifestyle.

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I visited a well in Rwanda

For those that don’t know, South Africa has been my home for the past six months. My husband and I have been volunteering with Christian non-profits, working and traveling. I was pretty reluctant to leave my life in California not knowing exactly what the future would hold for RESURFACE. However, one of the main reasons I think I was sent to Africa was to see real, living examples of people who struggle to find clean water on a daily basis. I was astonished by all the opportunities I had to share the story of RESURFACE half-way around the world. This was especially true when we took a side trip to Musanze, Rwanda- a small town on the border of Congo and Uganda. The majority of their day is centered around walking great lengths to collect clean water from deep water wells. The wells were constructed by the local government after they took away their rights to collect water from its natural source in the jungle due to the danger of mountain gorillas. These photos show both the hardship and the joy that comes with their daily trek to collect water. I was humbled and affirmed after this encounter and it reminded me of why I began RESURFACE and how important it is to continue to create awareness about the issue of clean water in Africa.

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Aleph Surf Foundation, where Will and I are volunteering in South Africa, hosted a gallery show in Cape Town called Milk and Honey. Red and Vanessa knew about my background with RESURFACE, so they asked me to create a board for the event.

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RESURFACE @ Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter Juice Bar, Corona Del Mar, CA

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Femme Noir Swimgerie

Who says swimwear can’t have a sensual side? An old friend from college recently called and asked me to paint a board for his new company called Femme Noir Swimgerie. We chose to paint their bombshell spokesmodel, Ashley Mattingly, wearing the Kimorthy suit from the Noir Collection.  The success of this swimwear-meets-lingerie company is simply bursting at the seams!

Alan Vojtech, CEO of Femme Noir Swimgerie

the surfboard delivery in Dallas, TX

timelapse video of the making of the board

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an unexpected wedding gift

Kevin surprised Maria at their wedding reception with a custom RESURFACE surfboard. It’s of the beach where he proposed in Corona Del Mar. Her reaction is priceless!

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Siren Magazine: a magazine you aren’t embarrassed to put on your coffee table

Check out Siren Magazine. It covers community, home, faith, fashion, and culture from a progressive Christian worldview. Thanks Sarah for allowing me to be a part of your incredible publication!

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RESURFACE + Project Playhouse

RESURFACE’s “Beneath the Surf” surfboard displayed in “Little Diamond Head” playhouse at the 2011 Project Playhouse event, a fundraiser for Home Aid Orange County, a non-profit organization that builds and renovates homeless shelters. For over 15 years Project Playhouse has raised over $5.5 million dollars! Check out KTLA’s segment highlighting our playhouse (after the castle playhouse). Vote for “Little Diamond Head” here for and you could win a kitchen makeover valued at $33,000!

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more than just coffee

A local So Cal coffee shop, The Neighborhood Cup, has an art gallery that is displaying my work for the month of November. They have live music, poetry readings, food and drink tastings as well as open mic nights. Oh ya, and their coffee is pretty much amazing too. The lavender latte is my personal fav. Check them out!

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New limited edition prints at Converge Salon!

Looking for a new hair salon? You’ve got to check out Converge. It’s fresh, hip and the stylists are so friendly! My prints will be up for the month of November and then I plan on installing some more abstract larger pieces in December.

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